Scree describes loose broken rocks on a side of a mountain

Shaped like a pyramid

Lots of scree, inaccurate weather reports, a really short night due to some little friends and exhausting hikes in pathless terrain. That’s how the two tours of the first episode could be summarized. But let’s start from the beginning:

The first tour seemed pretty straight forward, at least theoretically, as there was a path indicated on the map. However, I was tricked. There were no trail marks and about 5 minutes later I had already lost the trail…

Not the best way to start things off.

Last remains of winter

I eventually found the trail again and fought my way through mountain pines and stream beds. With reaching the scree, the trail completely vanished. So I tried to find my own way up the scree and over boulders. The only good thing about not having any trail: I could not lose the trail…

Can you spot the hiker next to the cross?

After a last scramble over some lose rocks I finally reached the top. Exhausted, it was time for a dinner with an awesome view and to get ready for the sunset. And once again I was fooled, this time by the weather report. The promised blue sky was filled with clouds. However the sun managed to sneak through and created an awesome mood.

A fellow hiker on his way down

Some more impressions from that evening

The second tour started with a 20 km bike ride. Not so much fun with a big and heavy backpack on your back. 

Happy to eventually leave the bike behind and start hiking, I followed a trail for the first half up the mountain. Once I left the trail, it was time to find a way up to the ridge towards the summit. After making my way up a steep scree, with two steps forward and one step back, I finally reached the ridge. Carefully I scrambled up the ridge to the summit. 

Happy to finally reach the top, it was time to put the heavy backpack down and get some much needed calories in as I burned over 7000 kcal that day. I guess I probably should work on packing a little bit lighter next time…

Blue Hour

On the ridge during blue hour

Again the weather report fooled me and I witnessed another not so sunny sunset. But that’s how it is in the mountains. It is always a little gamble. However, it is worth it.

I set up my sleeping place right next to the summit cross and tried to get somewhat comfortable on my thin sleeping pad.

Crazy cloud formations during sunset

On the summit
The fresh green of the summer in the valley

However, my night was cut really short. In the rocks around the summit lived at least one or two pretty noisy and active mice. They kept me awake for almost the whole night.
Though as I was the intruder in their home, I had no right to be angry. And at least I had a lot of time to admire the milky way, see some shooting stars and finish reading my book (really wanted to find out how it ended anyways).


Of course I finally fell asleep right before my alarm clock went off. Tired, I crawled out of my sleeping bag, but the scenery helped me quickly to wake up. (Or was it the cold wind and cool temperatures?)

Eventually it was time to tackle the long way back. This time I was really happy to reach the bike and ride back, not having to walk anymore.

Early Morning

That’s it. I hoped you liked it. Stay tuned for the next episode.