After the rain

The rain has stopped some hours ago. However, clouds are still clinging to the mountain slopes, creating a mystic atmosphere. 

The search
As I hike along, my eyes are constantly scanning the surroundings looking for anomalies. I sense a movement to my right. Something is moving in the clouds. Have I finally found the ibexes, I am looking for? As the clouds drift, I recognise another chamois emerging from the grey mist. It is not the first one, nor the last one I will see today. 
In the clouds
Moving in and out, the clouds engulf myself from time to time, narrowing my view down to only a few meters. Suddenly, a dark shadow with big, curved horns emerges from the clouds in front of me. The clouds are starting to slowly move down the mountain slope again, uncovering three ibexes feeding on the grass next to path. 
The clouds do me a favour and stay lower in the valley, offering me the opportunity to create minimalistic photos with a white background. Time passes quickly and eventually it is time go home. Satisfied I return down to the valley and into the clouds.